British Herbal Compedium volume 1 A Handbook of scientific information on widely used plant drugs Companion to Volume 1 of the British Herbal Pharmacopoei


Peter R.Bradley


British Herbal Medicine Association


First edition




compedium, herbal, information


For many years the BHMA has produced the British Herbal Pharmacopoeia as a source of quality standards for plant drugs. Volume 1 of the revised edition was published in 1990.Designed as a companion volume to the Pharmacopoeia but complete in itself, the British Herbal Compedium is a new BHMA publication providing a wealth of scientific information on the same range of plant drugs. Each monograph includes authoritative summaries on constituents and therapeutics together with chemical structure diagrams, extensive references to worldwide scientific literature and experts from available regulatory guidelines of European countries. This unique and up-to-date  compilation will be invalueable not only to those involved in the manufacture, supply or control of herbal medicines but also to practitioners and students of the science of phytotheraphy.