Synergy between Palm and Herbal Products for Topical Application


Rosnah I, Zafarizal AIdrin A.H. and Hazimah A.H.
Product Development, Advanced Oleochemical Technology Division, Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB), Lots 9 & 11, Jalan P/14, Fasa 5, Seksyen 10, 43650 Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor




Synergy between Palm and Herbal Products for Topical Application


Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Seminar (MAPS 2010)


3rd August - 4th August (2010)

Place Held

Forest Research Institute Malaysia(FRIM)


The Malaysian palm oil industry has experienced significant growth since oil palm was first introduced into the country from West Africa in the late 1870s. In fact, in 2009, the industry exported a record 22.40 million tonnes of palm oil products (POP), with earnings worth RM49.59 billion. Most of the palm oil produced is used for food purposes and less than 20% for non-food applications. Although smaller in volume, this is an important area of application since most POP are further processed to higher value added products such as oleochemicals and derivatives. Currently, Malaysia has the largest oleochemical complex in the world, with the production capacity representing about 20% of the world’s capacity. Oleochemicals find application in diverse areas such as detergents, cosmetic and personal care, textile, plastics and pharmaceuticals. The cosmetic and personal care industry has been identified as one of the potential growth areas in the development of oleochemical downstream processing for high value added products. However, the vast opportunity offered in downstream activities that generate high value added products remains untapped in the country. Malaysia is also well known for her biodiversity. Besides timber, rubber and oil palm, Malaysia is also blessed with a rich variety of flora, which the public have used for years for a variety of ailments and as alternative medicines. This paper shall highlight the use of palm-based products as delivery systems to actives from our indigenous tropical plants. Their efficacy for topical applications is also studied.


Palm oil products (POP); oleochemicals; herbal products; topical applications


Session 3: Invited Lecture 9


Harnessing the Tropical heritage: Recent Advances in R&D and commercialization