Monographic Identification from The Stem of Tinospora Crispa (L.) Hook.F. & Thomson (Menispermaceae)


Nuziah H., Zainon A.S., Rasadah M.A. and Khatijah H. Medicinal Plants Division, Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM), 52109 Kepong, Selangor Fakulti Sains dan Teknologi, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia ,43600 UKM, Bangi, Selangor 
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Monographic Identification from The Stem of Tinospora Crispa (L.) Hook.F. & Thomson (Menispermaceae)


Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Seminar (MAPS 2010)


3rd August - 4th August (2010)

Place Held

Forest Research Institute Malaysia(FRIM)


Tinospora crispa (L.) Hook.f. & Thomson (Menispermaceae) or locally known as patawali, is a woody climber up to 15 m long. The leaves and stems are valued for their anti-rheumatic, febrifugal, anti-malarial, anti- bacterial properties. The proper authentication of herbal raw materials is critically important to the safety and efficacy of herbal based medicines. A monographic study of this plant was carried out based on the stem for systematic identification and standardization purpose. The powdered material consisted of epidermal cells, brakisclereid cells, mesofil cells, starch granules and vessels. Phytochemical analysis was done to detect the presence of alkaloids, saponins, steroids, tnterpenes, flavonoids and tannins. Determination of moisture content, extractive value via ethanol soluble extractives, hot water soluble extractives and cold water soluble extractive was 7, 21, 16, and 13%, respectively. The total ash content was 5% and acid insoluble ash not more than 1 %. This study also included thin layer chromatography using TLC densitometer and colour test in reaction with various chemical reagents. This method may serve as a baseline for industrial and institutional agencies for authentication based on these plant characteristic.


Tinospora crispa; monographic; microscopic; phytochemical screening


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