Acanthus ebracteatus Vahl


Acanthus ebracteatus Vahl





Vernacular Names

Malaysia Jeruju hitam, beruju (Peninsular).
English Sea holly.
Indonesia Daruju (Javanese), juruju (Sumatra).
Thailand Ngueak plaa mo (General).
Vietnam [oo] r[oo].

Geographical Distributions

Distributed from Southeast Asia to northern Australia. Very common in Malaysia, but less common in Indonesia.


Acanthus ebracteatus is an erect or reclining, smooth herb which can grow up to 1 m tall. It scarcely branched and with adventitious aerial roots.

The leaves are oblong and with a size of measuring 12-20 cm x 3-5 cm. The spike is up to 10 cm long, many-flowered, ovate bracts which are measures 6-8 mm long. The bracteoles are early caduceus. The sepal lobes are ovate in shape.

The petal lobe is elliptical-oblong, measuring 2.5 cm x 2 cm, white and rarely bluish in colour.

Ecology / Cultivation

A. ebracteatus is gregarious and very common in tidal rivers.

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