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Ipomoea digitata L.

Ipomoea digitata L.




I. paniculata (L.) R.Br., non Burm.f.

Vernacular Names

Malaysia Keledek hutan, akar lanar, akar keremak.
Philippines Aurorang gubat, bulakan, malakamote (Tagalog).
Cambodia Kantram theari.
Thailand Bong len (North-eastern), phak bung rua (Bangkok), man muu (South-eastern).
Vietnam khoai xi[ee]m, t[aaf]m s[es]t.

Geographical Distributions

Ipomoea digitata is a circumtropical.


I. digitata is a large perennial twiner and sometimes prostrate. The stems are cylindrical while roots are tuberous.

The leaves are orbicular in outline, with a size measure 6-14 cm x 6-16 cm, palmately divided to or mostly beyond the middle, cordate or truncate base, acute or blunt apex, mucronulate and with measure about 3-10 cm long petiole.

The flowers are in a few- to many-flowered cyme, with a size measure 2.5-20 cm long peduncle and it is longer than petioles. The pedicel is measuring  9-25 mm long. The measure 6-12 mm long sepals are subequal. The petal is funnel-shaped, cylindrical tube, with a size measure 5-6 cm long, patent limb, with a size measure 5-7 cm in diametre, pale red-purple in colour, darker tube inside, hairy filaments at the base and hairless ovary.

The capsule is an ovoid in shape, obtuse and it is measuring about 12-14 mm long.

The 4 black seeds are covered with long, woolly and easily detaching hairs.


Ecology / Cultivation

I. digitata occurs in thickets on the beach, but also in waste places, hedges, savanna forests, teak forests and along roadsides, also cultivated, sometimes with variegated leaves, from sea-level up to 700 m altitude.


Line Drawing / Photograph



  1. Plant Resources of South-East Asia No. 12 (2): Medicinal and poisonous plants.


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