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AP233 Chinese herbal extracts in the treatment of HIV related disease Hits: 2614
AT408189B Pharmaceutical composition for covering the basic vitamin requirement Hits: 2594
AT409061B Process for producing dried preparations from Jerusalem artichoke tubers and/or chicory roots and the dried preparations obtained by the process Hits: 2567
AT409718B Herbal composition for combating unwanted pregnancy without causing side Hits: 2515
AU1118299 Pharmaceutical grade garlic Hits: 2687
AU1274592 Burn dressing with tea tree oil Hits: 2643
AU1363299 Pharmaceutical grade valerian, black cohosh, vitex agnus-castus, bilberry and milk thistle Hits: 2712
AU1363399 Pharmaceutical grade ginkgo biloba Hits: 2796
AU1363599 Pharmaceutical grade saw palmetto, serenoa repens Hits: 2611
AU1411102 Pharmaceutical grade garlic Hits: 2631
AU1438099 Use of ginkgo biloba extracts for preparing a medicine Hits: 2340
AU1874802 High molecular weight polysaccharide fraction from aloe vera with immunostimulatory activity Hits: 2210
AU2001297937 Herbal composition Hits: 2136
AU2002221509 An Chinese medicinal formulation treating stomachache, rib-side pain, headache and menstrual pain Hits: 2221
AU2002221510 A pharmaceutical composition of Chinese herbs for treating snuffle, headache and the use thereof Hits: 2190
AU2002221512 A pharmaceutical composition made from Chinese traditional medicine and method of producing thereof Hits: 2230
AU2002247876 Herbal composition for treatment of neuronal injuries and neuronal degeneration, methods to prepare the same and uses thereof Hits: 2216
AU2002247920 herapeutic edible composition for treating hyperglycemia Hits: 2217
AU2002248029 Therapeutic lotion for dermatitis Hits: 2252
AU2002254842 An anti-rheumatism medicament and method to prepare thereof Hits: 2158
AU2002258727 Method and composition for improving fertility health in female and male animals and humans Hits: 2225
AU2002317678 Plumbago europaea constituents for use against psoriasis and hair loss Hits: 2360
AU2002318715 Preparation extracted from stephania tetrandra s. Moor and the use thereof Hits: 2268
AU2002327094 Cosmetics Hits: 2193
AU2002328571 Traditional Chinese pharmaceutical formulation for treatment of paradentosis, process for preparation and use thereof Hits: 2296