American Ginseng

Plant Part Used Root. Introduction Native Americans have traditionally used American ginseng as a general tonic to help restore the health of the weak and wounded, as well as to help the mind. Today, along with the other forms of ginseng, American ginseng has become very popular as a natural preventative and restorative remedy. Scientists […]


Plant Part Used Whole plant (excluding root) Introduction Phyllanthus has a long tradition of use in the Hindu Ayurvedic system of medicine and it has long been used as a medicinal agent in cultures around the world. It is usually found in central and southern India, where it can grow from one to two feet […]


Plant Part Used Fruit juice. Introduction Noni is found in many parts of the tropics, including the Pacific Islands, Southeast Asia, India, and the Philippines. Noni fruit was used by the ancient Hawaiians, and it is still used by the local population in Hawaii for diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, and other chronic disorders. In […]


Plant Part Used Bark, cortex Introduction   Editor’s Note:While the science behind this dietary supplement is lacking, many individuals are using it. For this reason, Intramedicine has provided this monograph using the information that is currently available. As more science and research is provided, this monograph will be updated to include that material. For thousands […]

Black Cohosh

Plant Part Used Root/rhizome Introduction Black cohosh has made a name for itself in many parts of the world. The hairy roots of this plant have been used in Chinese medicine for centuries as a remedy for conditions such as headache, non-eruptive measles, gingivitis, and other disorders. Native Americans used it as a remedy for […]


Plant Part Used Flower, leaf, and berry Introduction Historically, hawthorn was used by Roman physicians as a heart drug in the first century A.D. The literature from that period focuses on its symbolic use of hawthorn for religious rites and political ceremonies. During the Middle Ages, hawthorn was used for the treatment of “dropsy,” or […]

Shiitake Mushroom

Plant Part Used Fruiting body and mycelium. Introduction Shiitake has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years as a medicinal agent. Shiitake mushroom grows on the trunks or stumps of trees. The medicinal part used is the mycelia or immature growing stage of the mushroom. Recent attention has been placed on shiitake […]

Olive Leaf

Plant Part Used Leaf Introduction Olive trees are widely cultivated throughout Mediterranean countries as a source of olives and olive oil. The trees products have been traditionally used not only in foods, but in health conditions including malaria, infections, cardiovascular diseases, and for general well-being. Modern scientific studies may back up many of these traditional […]


Plant Part Used Flowers Introduction Calendula has been used for centuries. It is mentioned in herbal medical texts that date back to 1373. The name, calendula refers to the plant’s tendency to bloom in accordance with the calendar – every month in some regions of the Mediterranean. Historically, calendula was used both as a culinary […]


Plant Part Used Strobiles Introduction Hops has been used since Roman times as a crucial ingredient in brewing and as a mild sedative. Today, hops is still used to brew beer and as an agent to calm one’s anxiety. Interactions and Depletions Interactions Anti-anxiety medications / Anti-depressants OTC products causing drowsiness Alcoholic beverages Barbiturates Drugs […]