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NOTE: We have used the facilities of the Alexa Internet or Web     Information Company to give us Ranking details and Categories on listed Web-sites. Not every site we visited and have included with this initial list has been listed by Alexa as yet.

Notes and comments written by Dr R Graham Hunt.



1. Anglo- European College of Chiropractic (AECC), United Kingdom

Rank: 1, 198,742
Category: Health > Alternative > Chiropractic > Education
Regional > Europe > United Kingdom > England > Dorset > Bournemouth > Education

Keywords: aecc, bournemouth college, Bournemouth university term dates, bournemouth university, aecc bournemouth, aecc intranet, aecc pokesdown, angl college uk , aecc graduate association, spine center aecc

2. Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC)

Rank: 1,060,888
Category: Health > Alternative > Chiropractic > Education
Keywords: cmcc, canadian memorial chiropractic, chiropractic college, my cmcc, canadian memorial chiropractic college, cmcc ,patient rights, what is cmcc,

3. Palmer College of Chiropractic (PCCR)

Rank: 389,503
Category: Health > Alternative > Chiropractic > Education Regional > North America > United States > Iowa > Localities > D > Davenport > Education > Colleges and Universities

Keywords: palmer, college, school, bookstore palmer, palmer college of chiropractic, palmer college, chiropractic school, palmer school, palmer chiro, palmer chiropractic, palmer chiropractic college, palmer pass website

4. New Zealand College of Chiropractic

Rank: 1,895,905
Category: Health > Chiropractic >Education

Keywords: new zealand chiropractic college, new zealand chiropractic, nelson college kamal, dr todd keenan, nz chiropract, kamal nelson college, new zealand college, chiropractor nz Philip, chiropractic new Zealand, nz commission of inquiry chiropractic

5. Southern California University of Health Sciences

Rank: 443,073
Category: Health > Alternative>Chiropractic>Education

Keywords: southern california university of health sciences, lacc, whittier ca, lacc college, southern california university,scuhs, university of southern california, southern cal chiropractic, university of south California, scuhs whittier

6. Cleveland Chiropractic College

Rank: 859,778
Category: Reference > Education > Colleges and Universities > North America > United States > Missouri Health > Alternative > Chiropractic > Education

Keywords: cleveland chiropractic college, cleveland college, cleveland colleges, chiropractic school, cleveland chiropractic, cleveland news, sprain hip icd-9 code,

7. Life University School of Chiropractic

Rank: 345,562
Category: Health > Alternative > Chiropractic > Education
Reference > Education > Colleges and Universities > North America > United States > Georgia > Life University

Keywords: life university, university life, life, life college, college life, life university marietta ga, life chiropractic           college, chiropractic school, life coaching certification, lyceum life university

8. Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)

Rank: 21,148
Category: Science > Technology > Aerospace > Academic Departments Reference > Education > Colleges and Universities > Oceania > Australia > Victoria > RMIT University

Keywords: rmit, university, rmit university, myrmit, rmit library, rmit email, linking words, rmit ems, rmit open day, rmit learning hub

9. Macquarie University

Rank: 26, 128
Category: Reference > Education > Colleges and Universities > Oceania > Australia > New South Wales > Macquarie University

Keywords: macquarie university, macquarie uni, macquarie, mq, macquarie student portal, macquarie university library, macquarie library, estudent, learn mq

10. Murdoch University

Rank: 60,242
Category: Reference > Education > Colleges and Universities > Oceania > Australia > Western Australia > Murdoch University

Keywords: murdoch university, murdoch, , murdoch uni, murdoch library, murdoch,

11. University of Glamorgan

Rank: 90,310
Category: Reference > Education> Colleges and Universities > Europe > United Kingdom > Wales > University of Glamorgan

Keywords: university of glamorgan, glamlife, glamorgan university, uni glamorgan, glam, glamorgan uni,

12. University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic

Rank: 119,150
Category: Reference > Education> Colleges and Universities > North America > United States > Connecticut > University of Bridgeport

Keywords: university of bridgeport, Bridgeport, bridgeport university, ub, univ of Bridgeport, bridgeport ct,

13. Parker College of Chiropractic
Rank: 223,806
Category: Health > Alternative > Chiropractic > Education Regional > North America > United States > Texas > Localities > D > Dallas > Education > Colleges and Universities

Keywords: parker college, parker college of chiropractic, parker chiropractic college, parker seminars,, parker college, dallas, parker seminars september 26, texas chiropractic college

14. Texas Chiropractic College

Rank: 1,219,397
Category: Health > Alternative>Chiropractic>Education

Keywords: texas chiropractic college, tcc, san jac, moody health center pasadena tx , moody health center, texas college of chiropractic, moody health center pasadena

15. Logan College of Chiropractic

Rank: 838,512
Category: Health > Alternative > Chiropractic > Education Reference > Education > Colleges and Universities > North America > United States > Missouri > Logan College of Chiropractic
Regional > North America > United States > Missouri > Localities > C > Chesterfield > Education

Keywords: logan, logan college, logan university, logan college of chiropractic, logan chiropractic, college in logan, hugh b logan, dtr grades

16. New York Chiropractic College

Link: 355,904
Category: Health > Alternative > Chiropractic > Education
Regional > North America > United States > New York > Localities > S > Seneca Falls > Education

Keywords: nycc, new york chiropractor, ryan braverman d.c., nycc online, new york chiropractic college, nycc seneca falls, new york college, chiropractor new york, nycconline, new york chiropractic

17. North Western Health Sciences University

Rank: 311,854
Category: Regional > North America> United States > Minnesota > Localities > B > Bloomington > Education

Keywords: protein content of foods, body fat index, northwestern college, body image facts, natural digestive health, northwestern chiropractic college, tmj massage, chiropractic school, too much protein, bmi vs body

18. Western States Chiropractic College

Rank: 1,057,678
Category: Health > Alternative>Chiropractic>Education

Keywords: wscc, western states chiropractic college, western state college, western states chiropractic, western states chirop, western states chiro, western states, west states chiropractic, western states chiropractic

19. Life Chiropractic College West

Rank: 577,464
Category: Health > Alternative > Chiropractic > Education Regional > North America> United States > California > Localities > H > Hayward > Education > Colleges and Universities

Keywords: life west, upper crossed syndrome, upper cross syndrome, life university, lower cross syndrome, dc curriculum, life west chiropractic, chiropractic school, life chiropractic

20. University of Southern Denmark

Rank: 61,774
Category: Reference > Education > Colleges and Universities > Europe > Denmark > University of Southern Denmark
World > Dansk > Reference > Uddannelse > Videregående
World > Dansk > Regional > Europa > Danmark > Amter og kommuner > Fyns Amt > Uddannelse

Keywords: sdu, syddansk universitet, sdu dk,, university of southern denmark, sdu bibliotek, “ahmad arouri”, lifespan, hans christian Andersen,

21. Maria Cristina Royal University Centre

Rank: 1,625,653
Category: World > Español > Regional > Europa > España > Comunidades Autónomas > Comunidad de Madrid > Educación

Keywords: maria cristina, centro de congresos Escorial, lias soledad Gomez, rcu, vandolino perfecta, television española, philipus programa, centro-chen Escorial, escorial maria cristina, rcu maria cristina

22. The Barcelona College of Chiropractic

Rank: 23,300,470
Category: Regional> Southern Mediterranean

Keywords: barcelona college of chiropractic, centre quiropractic bienestar Barcelona, centre quiropractic biniestar Barcelona, barcelona college

23. University of Zurich (Universität Zürich) Switzerland

Rank: 22,692
Category: Reference > Education > Colleges and Universities > Europe > Switzerland > University of Zurich
World > Deutsch > Wissen > Bildung > Hochschulen > Europa > Schweiz > Zürich > Universität Zürich

Keywords: uni zürich, olat, university of zurich, uzh, hrs, ernst fehr, loreta, uni zh, universität zürich

24. Swiss Chiropractic Academy

Rank: 18,877,236
Category: Education>Switzerland

Keywords: aic continuing education, sulgenauweg 42, ski chiropractic seminar 2010, diplome post grade definition, seminar 6. Juni, a k systems, bergsmann, ofp, palpations kreise manuelle pdf, doku neurologie sw3


1.   Pacific Chiropractic and Research Centre, Breast Thermography (UCCA)

Rank: 7,638,869
Category: Chiropractic > Education > Research

Keywords: upper cervical chiropractic, kinematics upper cervical, pcrc- infrared imaging laboratory, chiropratic treatment goals, thermology, upper cervical chiropractors, fine motors 127 owen, upper cervical chiropractor, chiropractic treatment goals form, chiropractic treatment goals

2. Australian Spinal Research Foundation

Rank: 1,959,210
Category: Chiropractic > Research > Australia

Keywords: research, spinal, personal growth, australian spinal research, sue covetz, asrf sinclair , roz henville modeling, au foundation 2 2009, telephone area code, interview scott michaels, hinwood 2002, spinal research, sean kirke, alan powell chiropractor australia address

3. American College of Chiropractic Orthopedists

Rank: 12,674,644

Keywords: aca chiropractic “orthopedic specialist”, failing national chiropractic boards, “american college of chiropractic orthopedists”, dave booth foot levelers, national college of chiropractic, james demetriou grand rapids, thomas dewall singer, accoweb, orthopedists, acco,

4. The Canadian Chiropractic Research Foundation

Rank: 1,410,444
Category: Unclassified

Keywords: ccrf cihr montreal srbely, pam bennett bc chiro assoc, mechanical low back pain, michel michaux chiro, dr stephen bassler , chiropractor, srbely make your mark in research, deborah gibson chiropractic, francois desmarais chiro, dr pam bennett chiropractic assoc



Rank: 113,304
Category: Health > Alternative>Chiropractic

Keywords: chiroweb, laser therapy, knee rehab, myofascial release, sodium pentothal, vladimir janda , acidophilus supplement, slr test , dynamic chiropractic , episacral lipoma

2. ChiroACCESS

Rank: 359,231

Category: Chiropractic > Current research > Original Published Articles
Keywords: chiroaccess review, chiroaccess, chiroaccess hate,, mantis, mantis database, chiro, mantises in texas, acute torticollis, acute torticollis treatment

3. Children’s Chiropractic Research Foundation

Rank: 1,068,423
Category: Health > Alternative > Chiropractic > Organizations

Keywords: neck manual therapy, erb duchenne palsy, rhogam, neck birth trauma, neck birth trauma, occipital birth trauma, research on polio, webster technique, dpt vaccine, torticollis

4. Chiropractic Research Organisation

Rank: 1,431,432
Category: Chiropractic > Health > News Articles

Keywords: chiropractic education, national vaccine information center, chiropractic articles, chiropractic birthday, chiropractor info, neck manual therapy, orange juice prostate, vegetables reduce stroke, healthiest country

5. The Chiropractic Resource Organization

Category: Health > Alternative>Chiropractic>Organizations

Keywords: chiro, medical shorthand, acupuncture chart, acupuncture charts, chiro, acupuncture points chart, chiropractic assistant, fibrocystic changes

6. The Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research

Rank: 2,165,947
Category: Health > Alternative > Chiropractic > Publications

Keywords: subluxation, william boone phd, nathan allison phd lcp, mike headlee, ventral rami afferent, upper cervical depression, esther remeta nc, crohn’s and spine, what is mild compression, what is mild compression in spine

7. International Chiropractic Pediatric Association

Rank: 977,123
Category: Health > Alternative > Chiropractic > Organizations

Keywords: icpa, webster technique, chiro icpa, pediatric chiropractors, chiropractic pediatric, pathways icpa, icpa for kids, icpa4kids, websters technique, pediatric seminar

8. Spine Universe

Rank: 30, 879
Category: Health > Conditions and Diseases > Musculoskeletal Disorders > Back and Spine Health >

Keywords: spine, spondylosis, cervical spine, sciatica treatment, spinal stenosis, thoracic spine, back support, stenosis of the spine, lower back, physiatrist

9. Chiropractic Diplomatic Corps

Rank: 4,461,370
Category: Health > Alternative > Chiropractic > Organizations

Keywords: chiropractic diplomatic, thoracic spine what it controls, manga report, chiropractics growth, christian chiropractic mission, diplomatic corps, dr. firestone quiropractic



Rank: 1,167,148
Category: Unclassified

Keywords: cdc h1n1, chiropractic, herb newborg, swine flu squalene, strike death rate, squalene vaccine scare ,cnn dr oz shot, adverse reaction to h1n1 vacine, herb newborg anti vaccination,

2. Chiropractic Marketing Success

Rank: 1, 169, 677
Category: Chiropractic > Practice Building

Keywords: chiropractic marketing, chiropractor marketing, marketing, chiropractic marketing tools, chiropractic marketing strategies, marketing for chiropractors, chiro marketing, get more patients

3. Planet Chiropractic

Provides features such as news, events, streaming multimedia, products
Rank: 102, 217
Category: Health > Alternative > Chiropractic

Keywords: chiropractor salary, bay to breakers 2009, san diego marathon, destin chiropractors

4. Chiropractic Economics

Rank: 105, 930
Category: Health > Alternative > Chiropractic > Publications

Keywords: home therapy products, chiropractic marketing, chiropractic economics, get new patients, post exercise recovery ice, chiroecp, foot levelers, iu health center, staffing and employee relations

5. Spine Health

Rank: 31,201
Category: Health > Conditions and Diseases >Musculoskeletal Disorders > Back and Spine

Keywords: sciatica, ergonomic chair, sciatic nerve, upper back pain, sciatica exercises, degenerative disc disease, sciatic nerve pain, bulging disc, epidural steroid injection

6. Chiro Matrix

Rank: 330,529
Category: Web-site Design and Marketing

Keywords: chiromatrix, chiromatric website, chiro matrix, spine 3d, chiromatrix directory, chiromatric newsletter, chiromatrix forms, chiropractic websites, chiromatrix pricing, chiro matrix websites

7. The Chiropractic Dash Board

Rank: 612, 065
Category: Un-classified

Keywords: chiropractic marketing, chiro dashboard, the chiropractic dashboard, marketing chiropractic, more chiro patients, dashboard marketing so lake worth florida, matthew huseboe d.c , dr victor flores chiropractor,

8. World Chiropractic Alliance

Rank: 635,680
Category: Health > Alternative > Chiropractic > Organizations

Keywords: chiropractic adjustment, subluxation, chronic dehydration symptoms, webster technique, chiropractic advertising, chronic dehydration causes, the chiropractic journal, dysponesis


Rank: 817,475
Classification: Unclassified

Keywords: tmj exercises, pelvic bone pain, tingling arms, tingling in arms, olive garden nutrition, slipped disc symptoms, tingling in arm, thoracic spine pain, tingling hands, tingling in left arm

10. Chiropractic Leadership Alliance (CLA)


Rank: 751, 972

Classification: Unclassified

Keywords: subluxation station, cla, subluxation, cla subluxation station, algometer, on purpose chiropractic, insight subluxation station, cla chiropractic, subluxation station insight, insight 7000

11. The American Chiropractor

Claims to be: “America’s Most Read Chiropractic Magazine”.
Rank: 820, 526
Classification: Unclassified

Keywords: american chiropractor, the american chiropractor, chiropractic magazine, upper thoracic hump, scoliosis woggon, megatool infomercial, “electronic health record” Kraus, dan murphy dc, nimmo technique, thoracic hump

12. Used Chiropractic Table

Rank: 903,404
Classification: Unclassified

Keywords: used erchonia percussor, used chiro tables, chiro tables used, used chiropractic tables, chiropractic tables, used cox table, “gonstead tables”, erchonia laser, vp3 versus erchonia percussor, dry full body water massage

13. Activator Methods

Rank: 1, 433, 028
Category: Health > Alternative> Chiropractic> Education

Keywords: activator, activator methods, arlan fuhr, activator method, activator chiropractic, chiropractic activator, spinal activator, activator methods vs hand, dr fuhr activator technqie

14. DC Sitebuilder powered by Officite

Rank: 4,785,555
Category: Unclassified

Keywords: No data available for as yet



1. Chiropractic and Osteopathy

Rank: 859,816
Category: Chiropractic > Osteopathy

Keywords: osteopathy, subluxation, alan breen, graston technique, cervical spondylosis, facebook john wang osteopathy, xiphodynia symptoms, enar txt, xiphoid process tenderness, three pillars osteopathy, maintenance, spinal decompression, non- surgical spinal decompression

2. Chiropractors’ Association of Australia

Rank: 2,077,959
Category: Health > Alternative > Chiropractic > Organizations

Keywords: chiropractor, caa, dan Murphy, chiropractor, chiropractors, what is chiro, neck subluxation, Diagnosis, straighten up Australia, chiropractic assoc aust

3. Australian Veterinary Chiropractic Association (AVCA)

Rank: 9,548,900
Category: Unclasiffied

Keywords: grad dip chiro, abnormal rib cage, fall buckled left rib cage, australian venture capital association, ilona hudson nsw, rib cage development, ilona Hudson, left rib cage higher than right, animal chiropractors aust, rmit animal.

4. The New Zealand Chiropractors’ Association

Rank: 9,447,955
Category: Health > Alternative > Chiropractic > Organizations

Keywords: new zealand chiropractic,meiana, nz chiropractic association, chiropractor nz, chiropractic, dr chiropractor org,    inga chiroprctor nelson, nz commission of inquiry chiropractic, nz chiropract, kimberley mclean

5. Chiropractic Association of Malaysia (CAM)

Rank: No Data
Category: Unclassified

Keywords: chiropractic association of malaysia,

6. The Chiropractic Association, Singapore

Rank: 8,951,623
Category: Regional > Asia > Singapore > Health > Associations > Professional

Keywords: chiropractic singapore, delfi singapore pte ltd, health organization ngo singapore, chiropractor singapore, chiropractors in singapore, singapore advertising association, janet sun singapore, new life chiropratic, history of national chiropractic association, bencoolen clinic

7. Hong Kong Chiropractors’ Association (HKCA)

Rank: 9,623,506
Category: Regional > Asia > Hong Kong > Health > Associations > Professional

Keywords: hk chiropractor, hk chiropractic association, chiropractor hong kong, hk chiropractor society, 電腦椅, 脊醫, 護脊協會, hk chiropractor of neck pain, heidi petrick chiropractor, 挺

8.   Chiropractic Doctors’ Association of Hong Kong (CDAHK)

Rank: 3,997,020
Category: Regional > Asia > Hong Kong > Health > Associations > Professional

Keywords: 脊醫, 肩周炎, 脊醫 荃灣, hk chiroprator, 林孝煌, 香港執業, hk chiropractor, 香港脊医, chiropractor hong kong, hk chiropractor of neck pain

3.2    CANADA

1. Canadian Chiropractic Association (CCA)

Rank: 1,407,110
Category: > Alternative > Chiropractic > Organizations

Keywords: ccrf cihr montreal srbely, dr stephen bassler chiropractor, srbely make your mark in research, francois desmarais chiro, dr. henderson mark andrew specialty, tableu de facteure, henderson mark andrew specialty dr kerry kawchuk Halifax, srbely uguelph, high heels back of foot slip

2. The Journal Of The Canadian Chiropractic Association (JCCA)

Rank: 6,832,869
Category: Peer Reviewed Professional Journal

Keywords: jcca, chiropractic audit, innate: meaning, mckenzie cervical exercises, leg pain lymphoma, mckenzie cervical, mckenzie lumbar derangement, ian coulter samueli, tae kwon do Olympic, luke rostotski.


1. The Journal of the American Chiropractic Association

Rank: 236,454
Category: Peer Reviewed Professional Journal

Keywords: chiropractic, aca, back pain statistics, american chiropractic association, chiropractic association, chiropractic care, aca today, acatoday, back pain stats, chiropractic associations

2. International Chiropractors Association (ICA)

Rank: 1,181,458
Category: Health > Alternative > Chiropractic > Organizations

Keywords: ica, chiropractor, chiropractic, dr chiropractor org, Chiropractics, american chiropractic association, international chiropractic association, ica review,, council on upper cervical care

3. The Chiropractic Choice

Rank: 6,633,946Category: Unclassified

Keywords: ica newspaper, ladder leaning on wrong wall stephen cov, chiropractic Ghana, dr.ron hendrickson, icatabloid enha pdf, ica veteran’s chiroractic program, ,ica veterans chiropractic program, yonkers tribune modules dr joan fallon, cns advance stores 031 mclean va, dr. ronald kraft web site

4. American Veterinary Chiropractic Association

Rank:    8,329,057
Category: Health > Animal > Alternative Medicine > Chiropractic

Keywords: avca, animal chiropractic, bruce jackson kinesiology, avca travel insurance policy, animal chiropractic forms, american veterinary association certificate, veteranarian chiropractic, american veterinary chiropractic associa, animal chiropractor wisconsin certification, veterinary chiropractic technique

5. American Academy of Chiropractic Physicians (AACP)

Rank: 8,219,452
Category: Unclassified

Keywords: aacp, american academy of chiropractic physicians, chiropractic physicians, jennifer shults d.c., 2121 s. oneida st. ste. 633, are chiropractors physicians, aca chiro,

6. Journal of Chiropractic Medicine

Rank: 6,366,721
Category: Unclassified

Keywords: journal chipractic, journal of chiropractic medicine, joe horrigan m.d. california rey, chiropractic medicine, manuscript format jcm, management disc lumbar extrusion, mixed method study, jan martensen toledo, chiropractic journal, thoracic spinal pain

7. American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians

Rank: 4,419,389
Category: Unclassified

Keywords: ccsp, acbsp, certified chiropractic sports physician, ccsp diplomate, ccsp sports practioners, american sports physician, acbsp exam, diuretic for wrestling, sports physician, ccsp chiropractic

3.4     AFRICA

1. Chiropractic Association of South Africa

Rank: 3,523,816
Category: Health > Alternative > Chiropractic > Organizations

Keywords: chiropractor,chiropractic Africa, ca(sa) training, ca sa training, chiropractor midrand, chiropractos hout bay,chiropractic degree in south Africa, chiropractor south Africa, walvis bay chiropractor, dr beffa hygenist


1. The British Chiropractic Association

Link: http: //
Rank: 1,390,760
Category: Health > Alternative > Chiropractic > Organizations

Keywords: bca, chiropractor, chiropractic, chiropractors,british chiropractic association, chiropractor wimbledon, click bca, bca chiropractic, simon singh bca, bca chiro

2. United Chiropractic Association

Rank: 4,711,833
Category: Unclassified

Keywords: uca, albert road clininc, uca chiropractic seminars, united kingdom chiropractic association, chiropractic positions in England, dr daniel voth, paul bolton chiropractor, chiropractic, arena wellness ub10 0qe, conference on basic sports injuries

3. The Royal College of Chiropractors UK

Rank: 6,377,092
Category: Unclassified

Keywords: “at 15% per annum, chiropractors, chiropractic cpd, college of chiropractors, the college, “reflective diary” download, what is accredited research, pelvis during pregnancy, chiropractic          practice management online booking, anna fcc

3.6   EUROPE

 1. Cyprus Chiropractic Association

Rank: 14,842,632
Category: World > Greek > Υγεία > Εναλλακτικές Θεραπείες > Χειροπρακτική

Keywords: chiropractor Cyprus, xrhsh sthlh, ΡΑΜΟΝ ΝΤΙΝΟΣ.ΧΕΙΡΟΠΡΑΚΤΗΣ ΡΑΜΟΝ ΝΤΙΝΟΣ, “wtc council”, ΧΕΙΡΟΠΡΑΚΤΙΚΗ ΡΑΜΟΝ ΝΤΙΝΟΣ, ποσο κοστιζει για καναδα, turkey claw femur fracture, χειροπρακτικη

2. Danish Chiropractic Association

Rank: 2,281,566
Category: World > Dansk > Sundhed > Alternativ > Kiropraktik

Keywords: kiropraktor, dansk kiropraktor forening, kiropraktor peter Kristiansen, michael busse kiropraktor,kiropraktor patient, susanne bennick, mai eskildsen, kiropraktor patient register, kiropraktor henvisning, lænderygs ekspert

3. Dutch Chiropractic Association

Rank: 10,526,859
Category: World> Dutch> Health> Alternative Medicine> Professional

Keywords: chiropractie, associatie, nca chiropractor, r. van der haas, menorah apeldoorn menken, r. van der haas”, nca-nl, rmj hovens, zenuwpijn rug, balansstoel

4. French Chiropractic Association

Rank: 4,777,776
Category: Unclassified

Keywords: chiropratique, chiropraticien, afc,, Chiro, protocole ugim, afc chiro, mutuelle pacifica alpes maritimes, adrea confort renfort 2, chiropracteur annuaire

5. German Chiropractors’ Association

Rank: 7,374,246
Category: Unclassified

Keywords: gesine lunau. lara schwab, chiropractor, chiropraktik, sramek    chiro, ciropraktik, chiropraktiker, chiropraktoren,, rahr bremerhaven

6. Greek Chiropractic Association

Rank: 12,453,719
Category: Unclassified

Keywords: [In Greek} ΡΑΜΟΝ ΝΤΙΝΟΣ, greek chiropractic association, συσπαση μυων αιτια, συσπαση μυων αιτιεσ, chiropractic, Σταύρος Σκαρπαθάκης, στηλης, ταχυδρομειο γλυφαδας σακη καραγιωργα τηλεφωνο, ΚΟΚΚΑΛΑ ΠΟΝΟΣ ΚΡΑΚ, αυχενικο συνδρομο

[English translation] RAMONA NTINOS, greek chiropractic association, muscle contractions cause, muscle contractions causes, chiropractic, Stavros Skarpathakis, column, Glyfada mail Saki Karagiorga phone, KOKKALA PAIN CRACK, 10afcheniko syndrome

7. Italian Chiropractic Association

Rank: 3,129,668
Category: Unclassified

Keywords: chiropratico, associazione chiropratici, federazione italiana chiroprat, associazione italiana chiropratici, chiropratici, chiropratico genova, civica mauro d.c., chiropratico busto arsiziio, federazione italiana chiropratici, dott. maioli chiropratico

8. The Chiropractic Association of Ireland (CAI)

Rank: No Data
Category: Health > Alternative > Chiropractic > Organizations Regional > Europe > Ireland > Health > Chiropractic

Keywords: chiropractic, cyropracter course Ireland, chiro Ireland, john sazenski jewish, chiropractor, chriopractor Ireland, dr stefan billings cork, “leon taylor” kinsale, mary helen Hensley

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