Traditional Malay Blood Cupping


Blood Cupping is known as Bekam by the locals. Cupping is a local suction by creating low pressure inside the cup using the vacuum principle. Bloodletting is a concept that has been used widely surrounding the ancient world. It is believed this had been practised since early 3000 BC, as stated in Ebers Papyrus one of the oldest medical texts left. This practice has been influencing the malay archipelago and is cooperated with the malay traditional way of healing.

The objective of Traditional Malay Blood Cupping / Bloodletting

It is believed this practice helps with 

  • Removes excess fluid and toxin from the body 
  • To increase the blood flow in fascia and muscle
  • Stimulates the peripheral nervous system


[1]Farah AI, Syafinaz AW, Nurasyikin Z, Fazlin S. Peralatan Dalam Perubatan Tradisional Melayu: Khazanah Ilmu Dan Peradaban Warisan Bangsa.


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