Traditional Malay Medicine



“Traditional Malay medicine is a field of knowledge and practices which are indigenous to the Malay culture that cover aspects of health and healing which was practiced from generation to generations. It is inherited through oral traditions, written forms and practices, and beliefs of the Malay race. 

Basically the knowledge is divided into two aspects: the spiritual aspect, and the empirical aspect. The spiritual aspect involves all knowledge involving magic, shamanism and religious sources in aspects of treatment. This field is not easily proven and explained logically and scientifically. The empirical aspect covers area which can be researched scientifically. These aspects include usage of natural materials such as plants, animals and minerals for health and healing treatments.

There are currently 14 modalities of treatment that have been identified:- 

 (Tuan Haji Hamzah Abu, President, Federation of Malay Traditional Medicine of Malaysia (PUTRAMAS), July 2007)

“A cultural system based on beliefs, knowledge and practices related to well-being, ill-health and indisposition ” 

(Haliza Mohd. Riji, 2000, Prinsip dan Amalan dalam Perubatan Melayu, Universiti Malaya, pg. xiii)

“Is the distillation of vast historical experience dating back more than 1000 years. It is often based upon observation, clinical trials, and experiments”  

(Raden Sanusi HR, Werner R. The role of traditional healers in the provision of health care and family planning services: Malay traditional and indigenous medicine. Malays J Reprod Health.1985;3(1 Suppl):S82-9)


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